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More Setai Sagas

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Though these days The Setai Wall Street has only 13 units unsold, it had to shimmy through a rigamarole of hard knocks to get there?from accusations that its construction loan from Anglo-American Bank destroyed Ireland's economy (the debt was eventually bought up by Ziel Feldman of HFZ Capital) to lawsuits alleging, among other travesties, that the quality of the new condo development's lighting was just not up to five-star standards. And now Feldman (along with Zamir Equities) has been slammed with yet another lawsuit, this time brought by the Setai's board, in an effort to collect $5 million because of construction defects, like "water penetration issues and missing design elements including glass railings on terraces." Guess there's no rest for the weary (landlords). [NYP (second item); previously]

The Setai

40 Broad Street, New York, NY