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Domino Site Debuts Bike Course At New Havemeyer Park

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If Williamsburg is the mecca for New York's hobbyists and purveyors of unique talents, then new sacred grounds were christened today at the opening of Havemeyer Park on Kent Avenue and South 3rd Street in Brooklyn, where Ride Brooklyn and Dellavalle Designs revealed their efforts to create an outdoor pop-up community center on a piece of the Domino Sugar Factory land owned by Two Trees Management. Previously vacant, the new and improved hang-out space already contains a gnarly bike park ("pump track"), urban farm, and yoga field, with an amphitheater, movie screen, open-air library, cargo container food vending, and space for all sorts of Brooklyn-style learning/hobby practice on the way.

Although Two Trees principal Jed Walentas was present and unwilling to take credit for the improvements, he was widely toasted by the politicians and community leaders in attendance. Of course, the pop-up park will only be open for about a year, at which point the bulldozers will arrive to begin construction on the SHoP-designed megaproject's first building. But we've been promised that this is "just a taste" of the community programming expected to be in place once the full development is finished, with kayak launches, sports fields, more lawns and gardens, and maybe, just maybe, one of those floating pools inhabiting the dreams of Kickstarters everywhere (or not).

?Story and photos by David Stein

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