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Naked Apartments Offering 'Uber-like' Option for Renters

New tools for a more easily-digestible rental market appear nearly every day. Listings site Naked Apartments is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive, and the site's newest offering, a platform called Showings on Demand?launched bright and early this morning?is another useful element in the Naked Apartments arsenal. It works just as the name suggests: renters use Showings on Demand to say when they want to see a specific apartment. Whether that time is right now or at some slightly more distant point, Naked Apartments will alert the agents who have access to the apartment and give them basic info about the potential tenant, such as move-in date, general income information, and whether the renter has pets. Naked Apartments takes care of setting up the appointment, which renters may cancel at any time. The whole system is free for renters.

The platform makes its money off of agents, who pay $20 for each confirmed showing. Haste works to the agent's advantage: whoever responds to an alert first gets the showing and, potentially, the deal. Here's an example listing.
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