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Hidden Carmine Street House Will Reveal All Secrets For $3.5M

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Let's count the adorable things about this three-story, red-brick townhouse, built in 1858, that came on the market last month. 1) You have to walk through a gate from Carmine Street, down a narrow walkway previously used for horses, and you enter a petite cobblestoned courtyard, dotted with trees and lined by three 1850s-era townhouses. 2) Even the brokerbabble sounds appropriately romantic: "Lit by the leaf dappled sun or the restored historic gas lamp, one is thrilled so discover a secret treasure." 3) Oh yeah, the house itself. The 4BR/2.5BA has a Dutch door and three wood-burning fireplaces, plus an original mahogany banister along the staircase as well as wooden accents and exposed brick up the wazoo. 4) There's an unfinished basement that could be repurposed into a family room. Some of the rooms are a bit small, but one could argue that adds to 5A Carmine Street's vaguely elfish charm. But is that charm worth $3.55 million?

The owners, an engineer and his writer wife, bought for $2.72 million in 2006, so if they get their ask, that'll be a nice 30 percent profit.

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