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New York Public Library Promises To Delay Stacks Renovation

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There's strength in numbers for the opponents of the New York Public Library renovation plan, which would involve replacing the main branch's famous stacks with a circulating library. Now that two lawsuits have been filed against the plan, the library has promised to delay the renovation until at least October, the Journal reports. The renovation won't begin until after the city finishes its environmental review or until one of the lawsuits has its court date in October, whichever comes later.

The most recent lawsuit, filed earlier this week, argues that switching out the stacks for a circulating library would "irrevocably alter the architectural integrity of the central library." Archicritics have also sharply criticized the proposed Norman Foster design on aesthetic grounds. ("Banal pastiche" were Michael Kimmelman's exact words, and oof.) The library has been hinting at a willingness to consider alternate designs, and it definitely seems like things are heading in that direction.
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NYPL - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

455 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY