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Harvest Dome of 400 Broken Umbrellas to Soon Set Sail

A crash into Rikers Island is no deterrent for SLO Architecture and their floating Harvest Dome made of umbrella parts and recycled soda bottles. The designers send word that version 2.0 is currently being constructed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (you can follow their progress on this slightly esoteric Tumblr), and they plan to launch it in Inwood Hill Park Inlet on July 31 or August 1. The dome consists of more than 400 discarded umbrellas, and it will float on 128 two-liter soda bottles.

All of the materials were collected from city streets and waterfronts, and the goal of the installation is to draw attention to the waterborne debris polluting New York's waterways. Instead of risking another wayward sail, the designers will be transporting the dome via tugboat. Here's what the original looked like:

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