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Combined Upper East Side Duplex Penthouse Wants $15.5M

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The owners of this 5BR/4.5BA duplex penthouse paid $7.7 million, 12.5 percent off the combined $8.8 million asking price, for it in 2011, back when it was two separate apartments and pricechopped condos were plentiful in 300 East 79th Street. They then proceeded to combine the two units into one nearly-5,000-square-foot space for which they now want $15.5 million, not quite two years later. To connect the two apartments, an angled glass stair enclosure was installed where the kitchens were, which also served to further open both living rooms (one of which is now a media room).

· Listing: 300 East 79th Street #PHC/D [Brown Harris Stevens]