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Another Piece of the East River Esplanade Gets Rendered

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SHoP Architects and landscape architecture firm Ken Smith Workshop unveiled another piece of the East River Waterfront Esplanade last night. The Bowery Boogie shared the designers' PDF presentation, which features lots of pretty new renderings of this greenified riverfront. This part, called "Package 4," refers to a two-block long stretch between Catherine and Pike Slips between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The area will have similar elements to the already-complete part of the esplanade (Wall Street to Maiden Lane and Pier 15), like planter-lounge seating, bar stools overlooking the river, and picnic areas, plus a slew of new features.

Front porch-evoking glider swings that hang from the FDR, "fishing get-out" docks cantilevered over the water, and a small skate park are a few of the new elements debuting in this section. There will also be a elevated area with exercise equipment, and bleacher-like seating for better views. The local community board and Councilwoman Margaret Chin have to submit their comments by August 26, and then the designs will go before City Planning. Estimated completion is spring 2015.

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