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Developers Hope to Give Apthorp Four New Penthouses

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The penthouses are far from the nicest units at the Apthorp?the comparatively small apartments were originally meant as the building's servants' quarters. But penthouses in the more modern sense of the word may be in the offing. The Real Deal reports that the Apthorp's developers want to add four penthouses?luxury penthouses?to the building's roof. The developers took their proposal to a Community Board 7 informational meeting last night (with the full meeting to follow in September), but we'd estimate the chances of this idea getting raves from CB 7 at approximately zero.

If the penthouses?which would be added to the 12th-floor units that already exist in order to form duplexes and triplexes?do get built, they'll cost between $2,200 and $3,300 per square foot. The plans have been designed by architects Goldstein Hill & West. Local officials, building residents, and other folks who tend to speak out about these things have already expressed worries about what the addition would mean for the structure and for views. And, of course, the current residents already have some construction fatigue.
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