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What $3,800/Month Can Rent You Around New York City

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New York City neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $3,800/month.

? On the Upper West Side, a rare breed of apartment—the 2BR/3BA duplex—is available for $3,700/month. It appears to consist mostly of different kinds of stairs and weird, slanted windows. There also three terraces, but don't get too excited until you've checked out the pictures and seen what at least one of them looks like.

? In the West Village, a 1BR in a renovated brownstone building is going for $3,795/month and features a large, open living room with a wall of windows.

? This 2BR/1.5BA garden/parlor duplex in Clinton Hill comes with a lady and dog. Also huge windows, original detailing, high ceilings, a washer/dryer, and a concrete back yard. It's asking $3,800/month, heat and hot water included.

? In FiDi, a 1BR in New York by Gehry will run you $3,810/month with no broker's fee. Building amenities include gym, swimming pool, spa, sauna, wet bar, playroom, game room, lounge, whatever a "sun terrace" is, etc.

? In Soho, a renovated 1BR/1BA with a brand new kitchen and bathroom is asking $3,700/month. The building has an elevator, doorman, and laundry room and the apartment features "great closet space."

? And in the magical land of Williamsburg, a 3BR duplex in an elevator building is going for $3,780/month. It's got some nice finishes.

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