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Lifesaver Loft Festooned in Exposed Brick Asks $5 Million

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Poor Lifesaver Lofts. In the last few years, this erstwhile mint factory/gay nightclub at 120 Eleventh Avenue in West Chelsea has gone through a lot, including steady price cuts, being forced to offer tacky bribes, penthouse prison views, and the constant, grinding shame of living in the shadow of Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine one block south.

And yet, the Little Luxury Condo Building That Could keeps sadly chugging along, with this one-bedroom, 3,650-square-foot loft that's been on the market since January, and recently had its price chopped by $900,000 to $5 million. Needless to say, this place will make lovers of exposed brick wet their pants in excitement. There are also some nice hardwood floors, cast-iron pillars, a great kitchen with lots of space, and twelve-foot ceilings with beams up the wazoo.