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515 East 72nd Party, View, Sales Check; The Cubes Is A Winner

UPPER EAST SIDE?The so-called spa-condo at 515 East 72nd Street has, shall we say, a checkered past full of missteps and broken promises. But it was one of the first quarter's best-selling buildings, and has a stellar pool to boot, and so why not celebrate with a garden party? It was technically held in honor of the building's "Hamptons amenities," including the half-acre private park (with two outdoor yoga platforms and cafe-style seating areas, naturally) it has as its courtyard. But in actual news, the once-troubled 326-unit condo building is now over 85 percent sold. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN?The Cubes, a retail complex at 120 West 42nd Street, looks exactly like it sounds. It's a bunch of glass cubes on top of each other, with Equinox planned as a tenant, and hey, it just won the thrillingly named 2013 AIA New York State Design Award for Large Commercial/Industrial Projects. What's more exciting than that clunky designation, honorable as it may be, is watching the lot's former occupant get demolished and the glass boxes go up in its place. That video's over here. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

515 East 72nd St

515 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021