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Eight Ditmas Park Victorians Around the $1 Million Mark

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High-end new developments and their fancy marketing schemes and over-the-top amenities are enough to keep us occupied most of the time, but sometimes we long for something less expensive and more old-fashioned. So Curbed intern David Stein plunged into the depths of StreetEasy and emerged with a list of properties available right now in Ditmas Park, home of large Victorians at prices not nearly as large as we're used to. Take a look:

685 East 22nd Street (above): This seven-bedroom, four-bathroom, three-floor townhouse is asking $1.425 million You might want to spend your savings on insurance or sedatives for your pet bull, though: everything looks really, really fragile.

2746 Bedford Ave: Another million-dollar mansion that looks bigger than the million-dollar properties we're used to. How many trips do you have to make to IKEA before this house becomes a home?

484 E 24th St: This one may not be a true Victorian, but like its genuine brethren, the price?$999,000?still seems nice. The 5-bedroom house has a backyard, a two-car garage, and a 40-minute commute to Midtown. The house also apparently comes with "Ease and Grace", but we've been told that's just an obscure brand of toilet paper.

657 E 24th St: Here's another almost-million-dollar steal ($980,000, this time with 10 bedrooms. Sure, it's way closer to Brooklyn College than Manhattan, but there's an original fireplace and the whole thing's been freshly painted.

2BR Rental in Ditmas Park: For $2,150/month, the two-bedroom top floor of this Victorian is all yours. If the pictures are any indicator, this place is quite spacious, really sunny, and currently occupied by a religious baby.

295 E 17th St: This is the fixer-upper in the bunch. At first glance it looks nice. But take some time to review the pictures and you'll start to notice some red flags (including the brokerbabble: "This home needs a complete restoration"). That being said, you could probably finance a full renovation by harvesting the Cabbage Patch kids that are bound to sprout up around your new fireplace.

455 E 19th St: In classic Dutch fashion, this $1.799 million Dutch Colonial is being a little too modest and only willing to flaunt his interiors. But hold your head high, Dutch guy?we can see your dapper face on StreetView! Even better, you're surrounded by trees and other happy houses that care about you and think you're great, and that's what's important. The buyer of your dreams is out there somewhere, and one day you'll find her. You'll find her. We promise?

573 E 23rd St: This $899,000 "Victorian Style" six-bedroom house on 23rd Street and Farragut has been on the market for a while as a short-sale, and we've saved it for last because it finally appears to be in contract. We're hoping the issue was just a matter of price, because if that's the case, the new owner just made out big-time: someone's trying to landmark the neighborhood, and if it works, things could start getting expensive.
?David Stein
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