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Watch Inwood's Prefabulous 'Stack' Climb Higher, Box By Box

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In the midst of a Hudson River pier made out of shipping containers and Atlantic Yards' lawsuit-prompting modular development plans, let's not forget about our favorite prefabricated building, Inwood's prefabulous Broadway Stack. We've been following its rise from the very first rendering to its exciting boxy ascent earlier this month. But it's more fun, isn't it, to see the seven-story, 56-module structure courtesy of Gluck+ architects, climb higher in minutes?one minute and 26 seconds, to be precise?right before our eyes. It's the magic of time lapse, a la FastCo Design, which also notes that each rectangular prism is about 45 feet long, and that four new chunks get jiggered into place every day. All of them are expected to be installed by next week, and it'll take another three months to finish off the concrete-and-steel building before an October move-in for residents.

The Stack from GLUCK+ on Vimeo.

Gothamist also spotted a video on Gluck+'s website (above) detailing the the off-site assembly process in a factory, touting the "controlled weather conditions, easier supervision, and more stable jobs" that lead to "better-quality construction." If all goes according to plan, the entire construction process will total 10 months, which is apparently six months faster than traditional methods.
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Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY