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Moody Noir Watercolors Of The Subway; Checking In On Oro 2

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THE SUBTERRANEAN JUNGLE?The Subway Art Blog first spotted these eerie, almost colorless watercolors by local artist Joan Iaconetti. Though she doesn't set up her easel down there for fear of being bulldozed by hordes of commuters, she carefully surveys her scenes and eliminates many details present in real life?think trash cans, people?the lack of which gives her work a romantic, noir-ish vibe. "I work in thick, impressionist watercolor, simplifying complex station architecture into ragged shapes of light and dark, illuminated by the fractured light of speeding trains," she tells Curbed. "Riding the underground combines the mundane with the vaguely menacing, and that rushed, off-balance feeling is what these paintings try to capture." Iaconetti teaches painting classes, with the next six-week course starting on August 14. Click the blue tab above to see more of her work. [SAB; official]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?Because Oro The First (note: not its real name) was one of the best-selling buildings of 2012, every now and then we like to check in on its little sister, brilliantly dubbed Oro 2. Based on our tipster's photo, it looks like it's more than a third of the way there; designed by Ismael Leyva, it'll eventually climb to 35 stories and hold 208 units. And, apparently, it's just one of the many, many tall Dobro residential buildings that have height but no character. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]