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Renovated Upper East Side Townhouse Lowers Ask to $27.5M

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"All the triple-mint houses have been sold out," the broker for 39 East 74th Street told the Times back in January when the house was listed for $29.995 million. "There is not much inventory. That's why we can basically name a price." Having been effectively jinxed, the asking price was chopped by $2.495 million two months later, then the house was delisted earlier this month, and now its back, still with the lowered price tag (and the same broker). Will the 16-room, 6,700-square-foot house, which was renovated in 2007 by Diamond and Baratta (also responsible for this work of art on the other side of the park) be able to find a buyer at $4,100 per square foot? Or will it have to name its price for a third time?
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39 East 74th Street

39 East 74th Street, New York, NY