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Three of the City's Wackiest Waterfront Houses on the Market

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? Perusing New York City's beachfront properties in the far reaches of Brooklyn has afforded us the opportunity to take a look at some architectural and interior design styles that are a bit different from what we're used to seeing. And by "a bit different" we mean "basically nuts." This 4BR house in Seagate, asking $1.198 million has views of the ocean, inlayed floors, and bathrooms that look like they were designed by a real life mermaid.

? This house in Marine Park couldn't actually be called "beachfront" by any stretch of the imagination—it's around seven blocks from the park that gives the neighborhood its name—but it's also just too crazy not to feature. It includes a (disappointingly, not pictured) "zen room" with an indoor waterfall, a hot yoga room next to the gym (and what a gym), and a living room that simply defies description. All the other rooms defy description too. This place is insane. It's asking $2 million and has been since last October.

? This Mill Basin house is right on the water and might not necessarily need a massive indoor pool with a skylight, but it has one anyway, so deal with it. It was just listed this week for $2.1 million and also features a hot pink bedroom.
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