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100 Eleventh Avenue Penthouse in the Midst of Epic Free Fall

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While the 4,675-square-foot Penthouse A in Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue sold for $19.4 million last year, its neighbor, the slightly larger (at 4,818 square feet) but lower-ceilinged Penthouse B has not been nearly so lucky. The asking price for #PHB has been in a steady free fall since a month after it was first listed, for $17.5 million, in September of 2011. It dropped to $14.95 million before entering contract the following September, but apparently didn't close because it returned three months later with a new ask of $16.2 million. This year, the price has already been chopped three times, the most recent one bringing it down to a mere $12.5 million. Maybe people just don't love shiny, glassy condos like they used to?

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