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These Six NYC Beachfront Fixer-Uppers Are For Sale

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While there have always been good real estate finds along the city's waterfront, Hurricane Sandy left behind homes in need of more than the usual fix. We surveyed the beachfront (or just nearby) properties available on StreetEasy and found some?damaged by the storm or just with normal wear and tear?in need of a little TLC. Here are six of them.

1605 Oriental Boulevard ($499,000): This single-family house a block away from Manhattan Beach Park comes with a (rickety looking) widow's walk, which means you'll be the first in town to know when the Red Lobster delivery ship is pulling into New York Harbor.

8 Melba Court ($329,999): This corner property is brick and looks sturdy enough to be seaworthy. But while the interior pictures don't show much wrong either, we're guessing the enthusiastic brokerbabble ("a lot of potential"!) means something must be awry. Fortunately, there's still "Kiddie Beach" down the street and Marine Park less than half a mile away.

2832 Haring Street ($249,000): Whether this house suffered damage in the storm or has just been beaten down by the years, we can't tell. But the interior images definitely qualify this as a house that needs work. Unfortunately all the elbow grease and industrial cleaner in the world won't do much to make the bedroom bigger.

557 Hunter Ave ($119,000): This house is willing to admit that it needs a gut renovation because of Sandy. Other than one bathroom, though, we're not sure what kind of space you'll get if you're brave enough to attempt repairs. Even the closet situation must be precarious: check out the coat hanger in the backyard.

286 Dune Street ($150,000): Thanks to The Wire, any townhouse boarded top-to-bottom with plywood is bound to make us nervous. Still, at $150,000 and only a block from the beach, we're willing to venture that there could be some upside here.

601 Surf Ave ($420,000): If a full house renovation is too much to handle, here's a condo unit equipped with a terrace, walk-in closet, "large living room", and access to a pool. The Aquarium is around the corner, as is Manhattan (well, via the F and Q lines), but if you can finish your DIY improvements within a day, you'll probably want to sweat the afternoon away at the beach (across the street).
?David Stein