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Soori Developer Plans 6 More Ultra-Luxury High Line Condos

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From the people who brought you the Soori High Line, which is going to have 27 Asian resort-inspired units?each with a ridiculous private pool, expect, well, some more ridiculousness. And on the same block, too! Developer Blackhouse announced two new projects this week, and the first is another High Line-centric luxury project. Where the petite religious institution sits in the Google Street View image above, at 534 West 29th Street, will be a 10-floor, six-unit (you do the math) condo building. Square footages will range from 1,500 to 2,500 per unit, and each will be "bespoke" and have 12- to 16-foot-high ceilings. Calling all art collectors... The Workshop/apd-designed building is scheduled to break ground in January 2014 and is slated for completion in early 2016. It'll be called Casa Bella Artes, which Google Translate tells us can either mean Cottage War Skills or the House of Fine Arts.

The same developer is venturing all the way east?to the Bowery?for yet another New York City project. Sticking to the theme of unusual, non-English names, all we know about Maison Dragao is that it'll be on the Lower East Side, designed by Brazil-based architect Isay Weinfeld, and contain 25 high-end condos with personalized concierge services and a fancy restaurant on the ground floor. Alas, there are no renderings of the Maison or the Casa, but just check out the mindboggling renderings for the Soori to get a sense of the sheer level of bonkers that these newly announced projects could reach.
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Soori High Line

522 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001