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$10M Lenox Hill Townhouse Marries Old with New with Pizza

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This four-story townhouse on East 62nd Street, which just hit the market for an even $10 million, is sort of a mixed bag. Some parts, like the double-height living room with its enormous french doors leading onto the patio, are quite nice. Other parts are covered with leopard print and superfluous curtains. And other parts are the kitchen, which includes a pizza oven, complete with neon Pizza sign (it's not a real pizza oven without one of those). So that's pretty cool. You know, if you like to eat pizza. The house was last purchased for an undisclosed amount in 1992 by one Lisa Mottola, possibly the ex-wife of Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, who went on marry Mariah Carey. He probably never had his own pizza oven, though.
· Listing: 154 East 62nd Street [Sotheby's]