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Racing Legend Jeff Gordon's 15 CPW Apartment In Contract

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NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon's 3,500-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA pad in 15 Central Park West has entered contract after spending two months on the market with an asking price of $30 million. Gordon was one of the early buyers at 15 CPW when he purchased the 7th floor pad for $10 million in 2007 and, while it will be a few months, according to broker, before the sale closes and we find out what percentage of the asking price the new buyer agreed to pay, it's safe to say that he made a substantial profit. The completely redesigned apartment features dark Brazilian cherry inlaid floors, an oak-and-blackened-steel sushi bar centerpiece in the living room, and lots of black granite.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023