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Gentrification In Gowanus; The Stack Keeps On Stacking

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BOERUM HILL/GOWANUS?We're approximating the location of 501 Union, a new events space because it says that is in the neighborhoods listed as well as Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. Which means it occupies the very special, made-up, abbrev-ed land of BoGoCaCoPS. Anyway, built in 1916, this former industrial space was once used to restore vintage cars and is now a fruitful site for what promise to be the ultimate in hipster weddings. Gentrification watch, anyone?

INWOOD?We can't get enough of Inwood's prefab(ulous) modular construction project Broadway Stack. We showed you videos of some of the 56 modules being stacked on top of each other to create the seven-story building, and checked in on the construction as it's shrouded in tarps. But did you know that these boxy bits are being piled on top of each other using only an eight-person crew and a single crane? When all is said and done (and stacked), there will be 28 apartments up for grabs. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY