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Medieval Castle Co-op Actually Finds a Buyer

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One of our favorite New York City apartments, the crazy medieval castle co-op in The Harmony, has, somehow, some way, found a buyer. And with the news that the four-bedroom co-op, most recently asking $3.85 million (originally asking $6 million), has entered contract, comes another revelation: the owner who improbably had both the money and the desire to create this place (described by The Real Deal as having a "church-like aesthetic") was Todd Kenig, co-founder of halloween costume manufacturer Ricky's. This is like one of those mysteries where all of the pieces just suddenly fall into place.

Todd Kenig isn't the only Ricky's co-founder to make a bit of real estate news this year. The Park Slope townhouse previously owned by Todd's brother Ricky (for whom the company was named) sold for a loss back in April, becoming seemingly the first Slope townhouse in ages to do so. Although Kenig himself had turned a profit when he flipped the house in 2008, apparently his renovation, which included, among other things, "a collection of 96 vintage copper Chinese mannequin heads, caged in metal and drilled into a front wall," did not age well. The moral of the story is that the two brothers who founded Ricky's have really (independently) weird tastes when it comes to interior design and often end up hurting the resale value of their homes. Go figure.
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The Harmony

61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY