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Carnegie Hill Townhouse Gets the Hint, Chops $3.5M Off Price

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After spending over two years on the market with an asking price of $24.5 million, the five-story townhouse at 5 East 93rd Street has relented, somewhat, and is now asking $21 million. Floral designer Lynn Jawitz, who bought the house in 2002 for a mere $4.25 million, gave the place a thorough "medieval fairy tale" renovation that won her an unspecified interior design award, perhaps prompting her to decide that she'd earned a $20M profit. It seems that her new broker, townhouse queen Paula Del Nunzio (taking over for Salmon and Co.), has disabused her of this notion, if only slightly, and the house is now $3.5 million cheaper. Let's hope that some new interior photos are forthcoming

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