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'Future of Home Living' At 101 W 15; Inside the Corbin Building

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?The retail space of the new rental building at 101 West 15th Street will be hosting an interactive home design exhibit hosted by PSFK through August 16. Called "The Future of Home Living," the event will showcase more than 70 products and ideas explored in PSFK's study of the same name. What to expect? "Imagine a home that controls the environment to ensure your personal equilibrium, a suite of services that enable an on-demand lifestyle, and furnishings that can adapt throughout the day to match the changing needs of the city dweller." The exhibit is free, but reservations are required. [CurbedWire Inbox; tickets]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?A tipster sent along a few more photos of the inside of the Corbin Building, where restoration and construction work continues. The photos show some of the gorgeous interior wood panelling. Like the exterior of the building, the inside was restored to resemble the original 19th century architecture as closely as possible. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]