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Permits Filed For 216 Units At Long-Stalled Kent Avenue Site

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Things are finally moving forward at 421 Kent Avenue, the full-block Williamsburg site that's been in limbo since 2007. An application to actually, you know, build the building was filed with the Department of Buildings on July 22 (h/t Buzz Buzz Home). It's still pending, but the filing reveals a few more details about the project, being developed by Chinese real estate company Xinyuan Real Estate Co. We saw the new WASA/Studio A renderings in June, and now we know that there will indeed be 216 units, the same amount that was approved many moons ago before it stalled.

Many of the units will be duplexes, and the first floor will have an art gallery, swimming pool, courtyard, a daycare, and fitness center. Units will range from one- to four-bedrooms. The cellar will have storage for the art gallery (probably not the best idea since Kent Avenue is Zone A), and there will be 103 parking spaces, including "22 townhouse parking spaces." The Schedule A document makes no mention of private pools or rooftop terraces, two things that the architecture firm lists in their building description. We'll be sad if that's a lie.
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421 Kent Avenue

421 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY