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Watch The Daily Rhythm of Citi Bikes With This Interactive Map

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O'Reilly Radar's Jon Bruner created this interactive map that displays the availability of bikes at each Citi Bike station throughout the day (the more shaded in a dot is, the more bikes are available at that station). The effect, as you can see when the map is moving, is somewhat mesmerizing—as Bruner puts it, "both cities [New York and Washington, D.C.] look like they're breathing — inhaling and then exhaling once over the course of 12 hours or so." The most notable pattern that's immediately visible is, of course, how the bike are used for commuting, shifting from residential areas to FiDi and Midtown around 9:00 in the morning and then back again starting around 6:00 pm. All in all, it's a pretty cool and possibly hypnotizing thing to spend a few minutes staring at.
· Interactive map: bike movements in New York City and Washington, D.C. [Radar]