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Meet the Curbed Young Guns Semifinalists: Kyle Weeks

Curbed Young Guns, now in its first year, aims to identify promising up-and-coming talent (35 and under) in the fields of architecture, interior design, and urban development. For the next few weeks, Curbed National will run individual stories on each semifinalist; the inaugural class of Young Guns will be announced in mid August. In the mean time, though, here's a look at a semifinalist based in NYC:

Long before graduating from the Syracuse University School of Architecture, Kyle Weeks developed an interest in houses. "I remember reading about it in a book when I was 5, something like, 'Careers You Can Have When You're Older,' and one of them was architecture," he says. "They had a pretty rudimentary description along the lines of 'An architect builds houses,' and I loved houses growing up, so it was, like, perfect, problem solved at the age of 5."

Weeks didn't truly discover his passion or talents for interior design, though, until he applied to an anonymous classified ad seeking part-time summer help. The job? Office assistant. The office? AD100 interior designer (and a 2013 Curbed Young Guns panelist) Jennifer Post. "I had no idea who I was going to be meeting, but in the end it was just really good chemistry," he says. He was hired full time at Post's Manhattan firm within two weeks of starting, and his early assignments involved assisting one of the designers who "was in the middle of finishing up two major projects and starting a third, so it was a really great time to jump in."

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