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Amid Bronx Buildings, One Lone Mansion Holds A Mystery

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Our favorite film location scout has discovered yet another hidden gem in our northernmost borough. During a trip through the Bronx's Highbridge neighborhood, Nick Carr spotted a standalone abandoned mansion at Woodycrest Avenue and West 167th Street. Sporting a quirky patchwork facade of gray stone, yellow brick, and red brick, the cottage-esque urban ruin is punctuated by chimneys and dormer windows?a far cry from the apartment complexes and one-story shops that surround it. So, what was up with that?

Turns out, Carr discovered, that it wasn't a single-family home but rather a parsonage for the Union Reformed Church on nearby Ogden Avenue (which is landmarked but no longer active).

The only weird part is that the erstwhile parsonage isn't that close to the church, so it's a bit of a mystery why it is where it is. Check out Scouting NY for more photos of the intriguing manse, and hit up the tipline if you know anything about this house.

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