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Artist Paints One Of 'The Ugliest Pieces Of Architecture' In NYC

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A series of documentary shorts chronicling the lives of everyday New Yorkers turned its lens on Steve Powers, a street artist/muralist/graffiti guru who has (very legally) emblazoned the sides of a concrete parking lot at Hoyt and Livingston streets with his biggest project yet. To figure out what to paint, Powers talked to area residents and passersby, "getting a vibe of what they need or want." Nearby 99 cent stores also inspired the enigmatic all-caps mantras, which include "I grew up in your arms," "steeped in your stories," and "share ninety-nine stares endure ninety-nine cares." Yeah. Well, the bold letters do enliven the massive garage at a bustling intersection. "This project is a love letter to Brooklyn. It's a community-based art project, translating what's the community says and speaking for the community," Powers says. "Really, it's one of the ugliest pieces of architecture I've ever had the pleasure of decorating. It's just built for vandalism. Happy to do it."
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