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The Jefferson Sells Units, Strikes Nail in East Village's Coffin

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EV Grieve spotted this little protest scrawled on one of the advertisements at the site of the Jefferson (formerly the East Village Mystery Lot). It's far from the most damning You're Killing the East Village-themed graffiti we've seen around these parts, but the writer does have a very legitimate point (albeit one made a bit hyperbolically) about the perversity of using the bohemian character of a neighborhood to market something that is actively removing it. (Again, there are other, more egregious examples of this.) The Jefferson, it should also be noted, takes its name from an old vaudeville theatre that used to stand at the site. Which is now luxury condos. So ... yeah.

And, in other news, the netting is barely off the East 13th Street side of the building and six of its 83 units—five of which had asking prices exceeding one million dollars—are already in contract. Full steam ahead!
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