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Live in a Literal Wooden Box on the LES for $1,367/Month

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From the weird world of not-yet-extinct Airbnb listings comes this Lower East Side rental, which could most charitably be described as a straight up wooden box in a parking lot. The price: a mere $1,367/month. Since it started making the rounds on the internet, the listing has—surprise—been removed by its landlord/owner/person who has possession of a wooden box. But luckily for everyone, many of the most significant details have been saved forever in a post on ValleyWag. Pros: walls, ceiling, lots of exposed wood (very cool), view of fence/tree from doorway, doorway, nearby gym where you can purchase a membership so you can shower. Cons: is a wooden box in a parking lot with no running water or toilet or rooms. And lest you think that this is some sort of joke listing, think again; it has been rented by actual humans, some of whom even left glowing reviews. "Intermittent public internet could be picked up in the cabin. I had a great time during my month in the cabin and would stay again in a heartbeat." Intermittent public internet! Why would you ever want to leave?
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