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Deep Underground, 14 Glimpses Of The East Side Access Site

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Now on display at Grand Central Terminal are more than 55 black-and-white photographs by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Suzuki, who is an expert at photographing construction sites and traveled 18 stories below the 100-year-old station to chronicle the ongoing hard-hat action of the East Side Access project, which will allow Long Island Railroad Trains to stop at Grand Central for the first time ever. His photographs are somber and eerie, perhaps a reflection of the very subterranean scenes. The herculean task?"the nation's largest single infrastructure project to date"?has been in the works for decades and is not slated to be complete until 2019, so these photos are all ravenous commuters have to go on at the moment. Hosted by the New York Transit Museum, the exhibition is free and open to the public every day until October 27.
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