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Take An Aerial Tour Of Under-Construction Governors Island

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Well hello down there! Every New Yorker's favorite place to bike, picnic, and attend Jazz Age lawn parties and vintage French carnival ride festivals?yup, that would be Governors Island?is undergoing a massive 30-acre makeover courtesy of landscape architects West 8 that'll eventually result in hammock-filled parkland and public space. The island's official Flickr account just released a set of photos that show the construction work being done, and it's the first batch to reveal what it all looks like without Building 877, which got blown to smithereens earlier this summer. There's still a ways to go before we get the "mellow" recreational idyll we've been promised, but hey, for now, let's just enjoy this view from the top.

Also, it's fun to see how construction has progressed, from November 2012...

... to February 2013 ...

... to April 2013

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