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Insane Fourth Floor of 408 Greenwich Wants $8.7 Million

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Items spotted in this wacky full-floor, 3,428-square-foot apartment in 408 Greenwich Street, just listed for $8.7 million, include: huge arched windows, a grand piano, a possible Chihuly in the kitchen, quite a bit of wine-storage space, around a dozen tropical-looking potted plants, crazy ceilings, and lots and lots of art. In short, this place is pretty fun, and, in addition to everything visible to the naked eye (which is a lot), it also has a programmable lighting system, speakers everywhere, and TVs mounted in the walls—enough technology to necessitate an "electronics closet" in the corner of the great room. It was also listed for just under $6 million in 2010 and failed to sell, but back then it only had one potted plant, so it was basically a whole different apartment.
· Listing: 408 Greenwich Street #4THFL [Elliman]