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Two-Family UES Mansion Seeks Renter For $125K/Month

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A decade ago, Lowell Hotel owner Fouad Chartouni purchased the 12,120-square-foot limestone mansion at 4-6 East 93rd Street for $8.25 million. Now he wants someone to rent it for $125,000 per month. The price seems ridiculous, especially considering that the house is configured as a two-family building, but then we remember the most expensive rental listing in Manhattan: a 3,200-square-foot three bedroom at the Waldorf Astoria that's asking $135,000 a month. In a price per square foot comparison, this mansion is a friggin' steal. Apparently, it's also the product of the "most beautiful renovation," but there are no photos to back up that claim.

The Real Deal reports that Chartouni has never lived in the house, and he renovated the place himself. He has no plans to sell, and only wants to lease the house for a year or two. It's split into two units, which are also available for rent separately. Each has five bedrooms and five full bathrooms, plus powder rooms. There's a gym, library, elevator, five working fireplaces, and a 1,265-square-foot landscaped garden with two fountains. The upper unit has a terrace and roof deck. The extensive brokerbabble details all of the finishes on every floor, but without photos (except the one below), how are we supposed to believe any of it?

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