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Libet Johnson Sells $22M Penthouse Everyone Forgot She Had

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Libet Johnson is having no luck selling her 2BR/2.5BA apartment on the 30th floor of the Trump International, which she put on the market in April for $4 million. That's okay, though, because she just sold her 4BR/6.5BA penthouse on the 48th floor of the Trump International, which everyone pretty much forgot she had bought in the first place, for $21.85 million. Remember this place? No, not the penthouse on the 51st floor of the Trump International—she sold that one in 2007 for $18.5 million. No, no, not the Vanderbilt Mansion that she bought in 2011 for $48 million and put back on the market the following year. No, not the—look, it's this one. That's right, the 2011 fourth ugliest apartment listing of the year. So now she's gotten rid of that one, and she still has ... let's see ... ah, what's the point? We'll just check back in next time she sells, buys, or lists something. Should be any day now.
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Trump International

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