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10 Of the Oldest Houses On the Market In NYC Right Now

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New developments may be fetching top dollar, but glass and steel condo buildings can't quite compete with New York City's historic housing stock when it comes to character. Centuries-old townhouses, especially when given some TLC, can be show-stoppers when they hit they market, and we've rounded up 10 of the oldest houses we could find, all of which are for sale right now. From the "third oldest house in Brooklyn Heights" to one of the last remaining wooden houses on the Upper East Side, these places are like porn for history buffs and architecture fiends.

? Location: 77 Bedford Street in the West Village
Year Built: 1799
Asking Price: $6.9 million
The 200-year-old Isaac Hendricks House was listed at the beginning of May, and for being the oldest house in the Village, the place is in pretty great shape. It's a free-standing, single-family four-bedroom with a library built in the Federal Style.

? Location: 59 Middagh Street in Brooklyn Heights
Year Built: 1832
Asking Price: $5 million
The listing describes this home as the "third oldest house" in the neighborhood, and notes that this is the perfect place for someone "looking for a total renovation, the chance to customize from top to bottom and be left with a spectacular Brooklyn Heights masterpiece." It was originally built as a farmhouse, and it's current configured as a three-family rental building.

? Location: 14 Leroy Street in the West Village
Year Built: 1835
Asking Price: $7.9 million
This is another three-family house, and the listing touts it as the perfect place to create your "dream home." The interior measures 4,360-square-feet, and there's an 800-square-foot garden. It came to market in May, and the price was recently reduced by $800,000.

? Location: 36 Commerce Street in the West Village
Year Built: 1841
Asking Price: $8.75 million
On Commerce Street, a 21-foot townhouse is in good historic company, as the Cherry Lane Theatre is right next door. This restored single-family home has six-bedrooms, seven wood-burning fireplaces, and French doors leading from the parlor into the garden. Six weeks ago, the original $9 million price tag was dropped by $250,000.

? Location: 199 Dean Street in Boerum Hill
Year Built: 1850
Asking Price: $2.9 million
In Brooklyn, where the townhouse market is as hot as ever, a 160-year-old house on Dean Street is trying to fetch a price similar to what we've seen for single-family houses in the area. The only problem is that this house has four units. The house has a lot of original details, and it sits on a large corner lot with a private patio, but clearly the price isn't right?it's been on the market since February. The ask was cut by $99,999 six weeks ago.

? Location: 123 East 10th Street in the East Village
Year Built: 1854
Asking Price: $6.995 million
When this place hit the market earlier this week, the architectural features were overshadowed by the fact that the house belongs to Olivier Sarkozy, who called it a "love nest" for him and his much-younger girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen, but it was its history, or at least its old age, that made Sarkozy buy it in the first place. Designed by the famed James Renwick, it has eight fireplaces, original parquet floors, detailed moldings, and a garden.

? Location: 5A Carmine Street in the West Village
Year Built: 1858
Asking Price: $3.55 million
We were smitten when this hidden house hit the market in June. It's located down a quaint gated alley (that was once used for horses) lit by a restored gas lamp, and you enter the house from a cobblestone courtyard. Inside, historic details include the original mahogany banister and five wood-burning fireplaces.

? Location: 128 East 93rd Street in the Upper East Side
Year Built: 1866
Asking Price: $8.25 million
One of the five remaining wooden houses on the Upper East Side, 128 East 93rd Street is a true charmer. It has a treehouse in the garden, for crying out loud! The house was originally built as a three-story structure for a dude who made artificial limbs, and it saw several alterations?the removal of the stoop and the addition of the fourth floor?in the 20th century. Pre-Victorian details like wide plank floors, wood fretwork, turned balusters, crown mouldings were recently restored. When it was first listed in February, the asking price was $10.5 million, but the cost has been reduced twice.

? Location: 85 Charles Street in Greenwich Village
Year Built: 1868
Asking Price: $18.5 million
Historic details like alabaster mantels, five working fireplaces, crown moldings, and French doors have all been restored in this Village house, which sits on land that was once the estate and farm of Sir Peter Warren. Modern upgrades include a terrace, a rooftop garden with a kitchenette and outdoor shower, and full-floor master suite. Curbed commenters fell in love with the place, but a buyer has not. Perhaps a visit from the PriceChopper is in order?

? Location: 45 East 74th Street in the Upper East Side
Year Built: 1879
Asking Price: $30 million
We'll end this list with our old friend, 45 East 74th Street. The house was originally built more than 130 years ago, but it was completely gutted for an extensive restoration that created a bonkers mansion with not one, but two awesome pools, and a bucket of other drool-worthy elements. The project didn't please some preservationists, who wanted to see the original brownstone facade restored, but at least the owner put the stoop back in place. It comes fully furnished, and it even has its own website. StreetEasy says the listing was taken off the market 11 days ago, but it's still live on Town's website.

85 Charles Street

85 Charles Street, New York, NY

128 East 93rd Street

128 East 93rd Street, New York, NY