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"Trains still use most of this tunnel. The right turn north of Union Square is clearly visible from the platform. There are four local stations: 18th Street (since closed, but its dusty, graffiti-covered remains are clearly visible), 23rd Street, 28th Street, and 33rd Street?all with platforms extended in 1948 to accommodate longer trains and larger passenger loads. The passage is notable for the Y-shaped braces characteristic of IRT cut-and-cover construction. (In short, a trench was dug in the street, rails were laid, and a structure was built to support a street over them.) At the end, the train enters a tunnel (under New York Central tracks, by the way) and stops in a station that is now Track 3 of the shuttle train at Grand Central. The tunnel still exists but is almost never used."?BklynScribe [Don A Top Hat And Ride The Newly Opened Subway Of 1905]