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Big Reveal: $750,000 For A 'Mini Loft' In Dumbo

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People certainly had a lot of complaints about this week's PriceSpotter property, but even still, half of the guesses were above the $750,000 asking price. A handful of people named the correct price, and a few were under, with the lowest guess coming in at $640,000. It's located at 79 Bridge Street in the Vinegar Hill area of Dumbo. So what did people not like? The terrace, for starters. "That will be fun when the creepy residents from the other units watch you sleep in your one totally exposed room and when they sit out there smoking all day or leave their pit bull on the shared patio." And basically everything else, too. "Electric baseboard heating no thank you, rabbit warren-like cut up with oddly placed walls and Home Depot hollow doors no thank you, ceilings appear 9ft at tallest. I can ignore the college dorm furnishings and see to the bones of the space which leave me feeling uninspired."
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