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View-Blocking, Neighbor-Hated 1110 Park Rendering Revealed

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Neighbors have had beef with Toll Brothers' Park Avenue project at 1110 Park Avenue since the very beginning, even deploying the decidedly un-tony sheet-with-oppositional-slogan tactic. It's unclear, though, whether the UES nay-sayers are against destroying the two parcels of 19th-century Carnegie Hill history that were razed in the name of this project... or whether they're more concerned about losing their views (not to mention the plummenting of their property values). Let's be charitable and say it's all of the above, and inform them that instead of some vague idea of a 16-story building, now we at least know what their enemy looks like. Voila!

The image was posted at the construction site, and Toll Brothers obligingly sent us a copy, noting that it will contain 11 residences. Do the math, or check the DOB filings, and it works out to be a bunch of duplexes and triplexes. Our tipster writes an assessment of what looks like a rather restrained design of white stone punctuated by wrought-iron balconies: "Quite a handsome design by Barry Rice with likely some input from Lucien Lagrange (Toll's chief architect). Juliet balconies are a nice addition but probably unusable. Like those at The Touraine. A nice façade on Park Avenue but a solid wall blocking views and air and light to those unfortunate owners of the adjacent buildings (1100 and 1112 Park Avenue) in the rear." Battle, you may proceed.
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1110 Park Avenue

1110 Park Avenue, New York, NY