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Pavarotti's Widow Finally Sells Co-ops at Steep Discounts

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Nicoletta Mantovani, the widow of opera legend Luciano Pavarotti, has finally parted ways with the second of the late tenor's three co-op apartments on the 23rd floor of the Hampshire House at 150 Central Park West. The buyers, who paid $999,990 for the unassuming 1BR/1BA, are the same buyers who bought the other 1BR/1BA, in November, for $999,999. (Apparently, they took advantage of the special Buy One, Get Nine Dollars Off the Second One deal.) The latter unit was originally asking $1.75 million and the former $1.15 million (later upped to $1.3 million), but, evidently, the allure of an apartment owned and occupied by one of the Three Tenors didn't do a whole lot to entice buyers. Still, Mantovani has to be at least somewhat relieved to pocket the two million and move on from what is hopefully the final chapter of her disastrous real estate dealings, as she is reportedly keeping the third unit, a 2BR, for herself. It's also still a little bit unclear why Pavarotti bought three separate, boring apartments in the first place instead of one big, awesome apartment, which is probably how most people would do it, but as they say in the opera, "AaaaaaAAAAHHH."
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