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Million Dollar Listing New York S2 E11: Love Is In The Air

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It's Season 2 of Million Dollar Listing New York, where three amazing brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York City apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Eater New York's fearless nightlife editor Scott Solish. Episode air date: 7/24/2013.

Crisis 1: Being A Team Player
Just like last week, Ryan is still stuck trying to work with his wacky co-broker Jill on selling the penthouse at the Alexander at Turtle Bay. If you recall, Jill was supposed to handle all of the details, but Ryan wound up taking over the staging process and party planning while she hopped on a Medi-train to Connecticut. She's basically the Amanda Bynes of Nest Seekers.

Ryan tries to lay down the law and let her know that where she has failed, he has been there to save her. Her response is to offer to give him a relaxing foot massage. Ryan has no time for bodily pleasure because they only got 7 RSVPs to their brokers' open house. Jill is shocked.

At least that looks like shock. Who can tell? It's time to hit the phones and drum up some interest. Mary C., where are you? It's the day of the big open and Ryan and Olivia have to do all the setting up while Jill heads to the master bathroom to work on her makeup. Ryan wants to let the customers in but Jill gives him the Heisman.

Despite his co-broker being all the way nuts, the night is actually a big success. Ryan is ready to keep the momentum going and try and sell this bad boy. He sets up a private showing but is just a wee bit surprised when he walks in and finds this.

That's a lot of beds. It's like Corduroy's department store in there. Jill shows up and tells Ryan that she managed to rent it to a bedding manufacturer to use as a showroom, which must be against several condo regulations but who's looking? Ryan predictably loses it, but nothing really gets through to her. What can a guy do?

While Ryan is trying to deal with this mess, he gets a call from his client John wanting to know why he is paying for the most expensive one-bedroom at 250 Bowery when John was told by the sales office that there are other, less expensive one-bedrooms available. He is not pleased, and Ryan doesn't know what to say. Was he double crossed by Fredrik? Uh, yeah.

But while Ryan stews, one needs to wonder why he took Fredrik's word for it when the information was available right on the website! Have your assistant call and see what's available or do anything besides just taking whatever scraps someone throws you. Fredrik may have been slimy, but Ryan is to blame. Ryan wants to get Fredrik on the phone but he is a bit preoccupied as you will soon find out.

We have to stay tuned until next week to find out if Ryan can get his revenge.

Crisis 2: Another Brick In The Wall
Luis heads to Grand Central for a shoe shine.

No booster seat? Impressive. While getting polished, he gets a call from a co-worker offering to let Luis assist on a listing at 165 Charles Street, one of Richard Meier's West Village buildings and a total Curbed All Star. Luis jumps at the chance, because nothing says Shampion like Starchitect. Let's rub our hands and head down to the West Village. Taxi!

Luis is here and ready to sell, and the place is great except for one little problem.

That brick wall is a bummer. But the place is priced to sell at $6.5 million and the broker needs Luis to help give it the love and attention a challenging listing like this requires. Luis remembers how well Fredrik staged 50 Lispenard and wants to bring a little of that magic over the the West Side Highway.

Not a bad view. Now Luis calls in Angela Rich to handle the staging. Let's see what she can do for $30,000.

Luis is thrilled! Now he is ready to throw a Grade A listing party and sell this place, but we have to wait until next week to see what happens.

Crisis 3: Balancing Love And The Listings

Fredrik is still focused on getting as many deals as possible at 250 Bowery (what's new?), but Derek is pleading with him to focus just a teensy bit on their upcoming wedding. How do you think you are going to pay for this fiesta, Derek, with love?

A little kiss always helps. Now let's head to Florida for the big event!

Fredrik has rented Little Palm Island in the Keys for the big show. Now that they have arrived, Fredrik gets an ultimatum from Derek. No phone for 48 hours. Fredrik doesn't know what to do!

What about 250 Bowery? Zach Vella will actually be at the wedding to celebrate and scold Fredrik if he doesn't get more deals done. Fredrik promises to try. Good Fredrik. Good.

All of those good vibes may be challenged when Zach shows up on what can only be called a large boat and wants an update on the building. It may be a business talk, but at least its not on a phone! Zach tells Fredrik that he needs to work harder and get it done faster. It may be his wedding, but Fredrik tells him he is up to the challenge.

He goes back to the phone.

And keeps on working right through the rehearsal dinner. Derek gets real and Fredrik falls apart.

Wow. What drama! While Fredrik tries to build a new iPhone out of conch shells and sand, his dad comes over for one of his patented Swedish pep talks.

Klas reminds him that the biggest deal of all is a wedding. Fredrik knows he is right and goes and has some fun. Oh boy! Then it's wedding time!

From your fans at Curbed, a big congratulations!

Next week is the final episode, so do come back one more time!

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