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The Stack Has Officially Finished Being Stacked, And Speedily

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Gluck+, the architects behind Inwood's prefabulous building The Stack, has a thing for time-lapse videos. We've documented the modular construction of this much-anticipated building, whose units were put together in Pennsylvania before being hoisted into place over the course of less than three weeks, which is probably the amount of time it takes for some architects to pick a doorknob. There was an earlier time-lapse video showing the off-site and on-site process, but the new one above reveals that the building has topped out. By the numbers, according to their Vimeo caption, "Seven stories. Fifty-six modules. Twenty-eight apartments. Thirty-seven thousand square feet. Stacked in nineteen days." What's next? Well, they'll slap a facade on the thing, connect some pipes, and install the elevator. Then, according to the property's official website, studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom rentals will be previewed as soon as this summer. Voila.
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Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY