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1820s MacDougal Street House Being Torn Down Right Now

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Demolition permits were filed for 54 MacDougal Street back in February, and now the little red brick house is slowing leaving this world. Buzz Buzz Home snapped some photos of the building this morning, showing it without a roof, cloaked in scaffolding. The house was vacant when Ajax Investment Partners bought it last October, and many people feared that the Hudson Square Rezoning was impetus for development of the site.

Built in the 1820s, the house at 54 MacDougal street gained fame when it was used in the film Men In Black as a jewelry shop. It was once part of the estate owned by U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr, and the property may have held a studio used by Pablo Picasso's son. In March, reps for Ajax told the Journal they had no immediate plans for the site, only that they were "exploring the options that are available." No new building permits have been filed with the Department of Buildings, but we reached out for more information, so we'll update if we hear back.
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