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Park Slope McDonald's to Be Replaced By 75 Apartments

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Good news, Park Slope! A McDonald's on Fourth Avenue (not the one the used to be a KFC) will soon be gone. And some maybe not so good news: It will be replaced by a 75-unit rental building, according to the Observer. But maybe it won't be as bad as other recent buildings, which caused one reporter to call the avenue "a depressing wasteland of cheap materials and designs" and a "canyon of mediocrity." The McDonald's is located at 275 Fourth Avenue at First Street, and it was purchased for $14.8 million by a partnership between Silverstone Property Group and Adam America Real Estate. They plan to build a "very high-end" 75,000-square-foot building with 6,000-square-feet of retail on the ground floor. The 75 apartments will be market rate rentals.

ODA Architecture signed on as the design team, and a rep from Silverstone said their building will be better than the drivel currently on Fourth Avenue. Well, he basically said that. His exact words were: "There have been a couple of new buildings that I'll stay silent on that I don't think are as great as they can be." Since the avenue is such a pile of crap, Silverstone will be branding the building as a First Avenue address to avoid the association with Fourth Avenue. A few of ODA's more recent projects are NoMad's 241 Fifth Avenue, Tribeca's 5 Franklin Place, and the St. Vincent's conversion 101 West 15th.
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