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Lenox Hill Duplex with Secret Bookcase Door Wants $9.65M

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Earlier in the month we brought you a FiDi co-op with a secret bookcase door. But, while that place's door only led to a closet, this place's secret bookcase door leads to an entire bedroom, complete with closet and bathroom. The rest of the apartment, a duplex that takes up one and a half floors of the 1901 limestone mansion at 35 East 68th Street (built by New York Public Library architects Carrère & Hastings), is also much more impressive, featuring some fancy ceiling molding in the dining room and foyer as well as multiple antique fireplaces and a wet bar. The listing, which is asking $9.65 million, also includes the contiguous 1BR apartment that completes the fourth floor.
· Listing: 35 East 68th Street #34FL [Corcoran]