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Trinity Church Selects Pelli Clarke Pelli to Design Condo Tower

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Architects Pelli Clarke Pelli emerged victorious from the competition to design a new mixed-used ministry building/condo tower for Trinity Church. The church's vestry decided on Wednesday to move forward with the project instead of embarking on a $33 million renovation of the two buildings that currently sit on the site. The design that Pelli Clarke Pelli submitted to the church, which beat out COOKFOX's biophilic one, features a six- or seven-story glassy base, reserved for church activities, topped with a 25-story (slightly less glassy, but still glassy) residential tower. The next step for the church is to select a developer. It has interviews slated for early fall, and has also stated that it expects construction to begin in the fall of 2014 and be completed in 2017.
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Renderings by Pelli Clarke Pelli