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Cute Little Boerum Hill Rowhouse Asks $1.79M, and More

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? In Boerum Hill, this charming little rowhouse just hit the market for $1.79 million. It's full of original details, like that staircase, a wood-burning fireplace, and those nice hardwood floors, and the kitchen and bathrooms have just been renovated. It's a great place, but the brokerbabble sure isn't doing it any favors. The listing calls the area "Hollywood East," and claims that the quaint street will make you feel "more as if you're in Britain than Brooklyn" and that the garden will "have you believing you're no longer in the city, but somewhere upstate." Gee, what a cosmopolitan house.

? And in Prospect Heights, this five-story townhouse is asking $3.5 million. At almost 5,000 square feet, the property is pretty huge, with a balcony or some form of outdoor space on every floor. It also features floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings throughout, and heated bamboo floors. The interiors haven't been staged at all, and the facade looks like it's made out of cinderblocks, but overall, it's a good space with a lot of potential.

? If this four-story brick townhouse in Carroll Gardens looks familiar, that's because we featured it on the Roundup several months ago. Back then, it was asking $3.95 million and went unsold. Ever since, it's been sulking and licking its wounds . . . waiting for the right time to emerge from the shadows. It hit the market again a few days ago a changed listing—fully staged and furnished, with an impressive $600,000 slashed from the asking price. This is just like when Winnie Cooper got hot in the first episode of The Wonder Years. Exactly.
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